Ornament of the Month

Thank you for supporting our ornament of the month program since the beginning of January! The last 2 ornaments are a beautiful 8-pointed lace star and a globe string quilted ornament. We hope you have fun with them!  Ornament – String pieced or whole cloth https://youtu.be/W5NGlJEwx1Q  Pictures and instructions for the Star are linked here.

We will be decorating the tree(s) during the second or third week of November. Please bring any ornaments you may have to the October or November guild meetings or the October UFO.We need 5 or 6 decorators to put on lights, ornaments, and garland. Anyone who would like to help decorate the tree(s), please contact ornaments@nlcqg.org,
Come and enjoy the tree(s) and display at Antioch Kringle’s Christmas Village. It is located on #510 Orchard Street on the far end of the Piggly Wiggly Plaza. The building is open from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. This activity is a wonderful way to let everyone know about our guild and our incredibly talented members!
Any questions? Email ornaments@nlcqg.org

All variations are welcome and encouraged! Any questions, contact: ornaments@nlcqg.org

Click this link:  Ornament of the Month to view each month’s ornament instructions.  This page is also available as a drop down menu under Members Corner

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