NLCQG Ornament of the Month 2023

This project is planned for 2023, starting in January, ending in October, with the collecting the ornaments in November for the tree decoration. The finished ornaments will be used to decorate a Christmas tree at the Antioch Kringle’s Christmas Village as an outreach endeavor, a way to increase the guild’s publicity. We expect to save the collection of ornaments to
decorate a tree for many years to come. The enclosed link has more information about the total venue:

Contact Dung or Gail at:

Monthly Instructions: Click on the link below to view the You Tube instructions.

September: The ornaments for September are a couple of adorable Santa Clauses. Attached are links to two versions, a log cabin and a paper pieced (or strip sewn) version. The Log cabin version is on Pinterest, so you can go to this site and look for the YouTube demo. Link here and  Other Link here

August is a cute and easy Swedish heart. This version is a no sew simple weaving project. You can use felt, or stabilize some of your scraps. An alternative heart can also be a scrap buster, creating patchwork scraps cut to a heart shape and either hand stitched or sewn by machine and lightly stuffed. Hint: Use a cookie cutter as a pattern. (this is a Missouri Star video)

July: Folded Christmas Tree and can be found at


June: This month’s Ornament of the Month is a 5 Point Folded Star using three triangles and two buttons. This can be found at
Other star variations can be found at: or

May: This month’s Ornament of the month is a pretty little Cathedral Star and can be found at:

April: This month’s ornament is a fabric bell. Project uses two pieces of fabric, ribbon and a bell. Alternative to YouTube video is to sew two 3”-4” circles together and turn inside-out and press. Finish the same as YouTube example.    

March: This month’s ornament is a Ribbon Candy. This cute ornament is a snap to make! Project uses two 18-inch strips of fabric, fusible interfacing, beads and embroidery thread.

February: February will again be a Scandinavian Star, but with a completely different look. It is also a no sew ornament. It takes a small
amount of two fabrics, fused together and cut in strips. Directions for the Star are on YouTube under

January:  This month’s offering is a Scandinavian or Danish Star. It is a no sew ornament. It takes less than ¼ yard of fabric and about an hour of your time.

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