Block of the Month

Each year, the Northern Lake County Quilters Guild invites its members to participate in a Block of the Month (BOM) program. The theme differs from year to year. Each participant makes a block using their own fabrics. At the end of the program, usually in November, those who finish their blocks bring in their completed quilt top and get a raffle entry for prizes. There is a small cost to participate in this program.

May Block of the Month – #9

Summer is almost here and the spring air is warming up quickly! What better way to stay cool than to have a beautiful fan! This Applique block is sure to kick your quilt up a notch! The Circus tent tends to be warm so get your fan ready for a cool breeze while the acrobats show off their skills! Enjoy this easy block!

Note:  Block of the month ends in August.

April Block of the Month #8

Wow, that was a fun ride through Albuquerque! The ladies have spoken and they are happy with the show! I fact they have donated the next pattern!!! The Whirling Stars block is such a fun and beautiful piece of art! This block was designed to look like a Circus Windmill toy for kids, One of the Circus’ first toy they ever sold! It may look complicated BUT it truly is easy if you work in quadrants! Let blow some wind and root for the Ring Master this month!

A Reminder!  Bring your blocks from December, January, February and March to this month’s meeting to show!

Note:  Block of the month ends in August.  If you are interested in running this program for 2024-2025, contact  **On a personal note, this is the first guild program your current president ran!  A great way to get your feet wet.

March Block of the Month #7

Welcome to Albuquerque! Birthplace of the American Ladies’ Aid Group and one of the biggest supporters of the Circus! You have been cordially invited to a VIP show of the Ladies’ Aid Block! This block is so easy, but so elegant you will want a whole quilt with these blocks!!!!! Enjoy block 7 and if you have any questions, email

February Block of the Month #6

Wow this circus is really moving along! 6 cities (blocks) in 6 months!!! Well, we have made it to that point folk! Let’s throw a circus wedding into the mix with the Bridal Stairway Block!  You are cordially invited to make this beautiful block! Look even the ringmaster got the horses bridal ready! Enjoy this truly unique block!

January Block of the Month #5

Time to move this Circus to the countryside with the country village block! Are you ready for additional practice on those partial seams?  The tent is set and the country villagers are ready for the show! Please enjoy this incredibly beautiful block!  Check your email for this latest pattern and if you have any questions, contact …

2023-2024 Block of the Month #4

Welcome to act four! The Ringmaster has spoken and the Garret Window block is ready to be assembled! This block is so easy you will be able to handle it like the lion tamer! Join us for block 4 in this series!

2023-2024 Block of the Month – Mrs. Dewey’s Choice (BLOCK 3)

Woo Hoo!!! We all survived the tightrope of block 2! It’s smooth sailing from here on out! At least Mrs. Dewey agrees. The owner of this Big Top, Mrs. Dewey, is honored that you are constructing her very own block. It’s back to basics with this incredibly simple yet impactful block. For those signed up, check your inbox for the information regarding this block soon and join us for block 3 in this series!

2023-2024 Block of the Month – Block #2

Amazing!!! Everyone made it through Block one! Are you ready for Block two!? It is a real whirlwind of fun! Challenge yourself with this beautiful block and its partial seams. I promise you it’s easy and I’m not clowning around with you! Enjoy your process with the delectable Act 2 with the Whirling Squares Block! Questions?

2023-2024 Block of the Month

Welcome to the Big Top! We hope you are ready for the greatest show on earth (well at least for quilters)!
Those who have signed up should have received the email with block one, the Patience Quilt block. Time to brush up on your Bargello skills but in an easy way! If you complete your block by our October meeting, your prize will be something that can course correct! Can you guess? We can’t wait to see what you come up with! …

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