Help Wanted!

help wanted

  • Raffle Quilt Ticket Record Keeper – This person will order the hard copies of tickets needed, keep track of quantity of sold tickets by members or from which event and enter into an on-line raffle quilt ticket system as we had done last year. This position does not require you to schedule the events where tickets will be sold as that is now done by the Event Coordinator
  • Rummage Sale – The guild voted to have Rafflemania during a guild meeting so if we’d like to have a Saturday rummage sale, we will need a coordinator.Advertising – The guild voted overwhelmingly to allow advertising in our newsletter, but we’ll need someone to chair this fundraising activity.
  • Month Long Quilt Display – There is an interest, we need a chairman.
  • Pattern Testers – Some of the quilts for our proposed guild pattern book have been designed and are ready for testing! Let us know if you’d like to be the first to try one of these new patterns

Contact: for more details on any of these activities.

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