Quilt Appraising

American Quilting Society, QUILT APPRAISING
At Northern Lake County Quilters’ Guild, Lake County Impressions XIV

Quilt Appraising will be available at our upcoming show in September. Alexandra (Sandy) Schweitzer is a Quilt Appraiser and Author and is qualified by the American Quilter’s Society. An appraisal can help you satisfy curiosity and learn about a quilt that you may have bought in an Antique Shop or inherited through family. It can help you learn when it was made and about the techniques and materials of that time. If you have produced a quilt that will be traveling to a Quilt Show; appraising it can help you protect your investment in time/talent/treasure against loss or theft. If you have quilts, which are artwork, you should have appraising done to protect yourself for loss in the case of divorce, burglary, fire or other catastrophes. Often thieves will rip a quilt down to pack up their ‘loot’! If you are giving a quilt as a gift; it is considered a piece of property just like an oil painting. An appraisal can protect you in fixing a price in the event you want to sell your work or settle an estate.

Appointments last 30 minutes and the cost is $50. You will leave with a written legal document concerning your quilt. Admission to the Show, which is not included in the cost of the appraisal is $6.

Appointments can be made by calling: LeAnn Potteaum at 224-213-4395