Birth Month Challenge Quilt – 2021

This past year has been filled with so many challenges; we wanted something  uplifting for the 2021 Challenge Quilt. The challenge is to make a quilt using the colors of your birthstone and birth month flower. You can use any technique or combination of techniques – traditional or pictorial block, paper piecing or applique, embellishments, embroidery (hand or machine), etc.

The Challenge Quilt for 2021 has only 5 rules:   

    1. Original Design – The design must be your own – no kits or commercial patterns. You may use a design element or inspiration from someone else. (Proper credit to the person/designer from whom you drew the design element or inspiration would be written acknowledgement submitted with your finished quilt.)
    2. Color Choices/Palette – You must use the colors of your birthstone and birth month flower (click here to see Birth Month Chart). A minimal amount of neutral color may be incorporated in your design. Prints may be used that include other colors but all fabric should read as one of your assigned colors.
    3. Flower – You must incorporate the flower somewhere in the quilt design.
    4. Dimensions – Since this is 2021, dimensions for the challenge quilt are 20” x 21”.
    5. Deadline – The quilt must be finished (including quilting and binding) by the September 1st 2021 meeting.

Quilts will be displayed and voted upon at the September 2021 meeting.

(Idea selected from a list on Silly Goose Quilts: Ideas For Quilt Challenges website)