Challenge Quilt 2017-2018

ribbonsThis year’s quilt challenge emphasizes creativity and individuality.

The final quilt should “say something” about the quilter. The challenge is based upon your initials.

Rules and Award Categories

      1. Each quilter will design an original two color wall quilt utilizing at least one traditional block.
        1. no kits or quilt patterns
        2. finished size per side is a minimum of 24 inches and maximum of 36 inches
        3. may be a square/ rectangle/ parallelogram etc. as long as it fits the specified dimensions
      2. Select two colors based upon two of your initials – order doesn’t matter.
        1. Use traditional names for colors when making your selection – not paint chip color name.
        2. At the meeting we agreed to use the names of Crayola crayon colors. This is the link:
        3. Reference sheet will be made available for color ideas. Adjectives such as Deep, Medium, or Light before the color name will not count – Deep Pink = Pink.
        4. For our challenge, you may select more than one value (relative lightness or darkness) of the two colors you have selected to get sufficient contrast in your design.
      3. Select one traditional quilt block (a block in the public domain – not an original design by you or another quilter) selected based upon one of your initials.
        1. For ideas, look at references such as Quilter’s Cache. Be sure not to select one of the original block designs.

        2. Traditional block ideas will be made available for those who would like help.
      4. For example, if your initials are ABC you might select Aqua and Black as colors and the block design Cups and Saucers. You select that design because you collect cups and saucers.
      5. Besides using two colors, one traditional block and meeting the overall size requirements, all other components are up to you. You may use as many different blocks and techniques as you desire.
      6. The quilt must have three layers and be quilted.
      7. Quilters will be given an index card on which to write their initials and reasons for color, block and design choices. These will be available when the guild votes for prizes.
      8. Each person who participates will receive a pin. Prizes will be announced later.
      9. DEADLINE – Quilts will be displayed and voted upon at the March 7, 2018.

Challenge Quilt Award Categories

Forty guild members voted during our October meeting for the Challenge Quilt award categories and the results are as follows:

Viewer’s Overall First Choice        30

Best Use of Color                             25

Best Original Design                        21

Best Overall Theme or                       19
Interpretation of the Challenge

Most Creative                                    18

Best Construction                              5

Best Quilting                                     2

Funniest                                            1


Prizes will be awarded in the three top categories. All participants will receive a pin. I am hopeful that we will have a good number of entries and that we will be able to show all of them at our next quilt show as a special exhibit.

— Ellen Hodge